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Tips to Prepare Yourself and Loved One for Respite Care


Respite care is valuable for both the caregiver and the care recipient, offering them a much-needed break to rejuvenate and regain their strength. This break from caregiving can be instrumental in preventing burnout and enhancing the overall quality of care provided. Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that respite care can also stir anxiety and guilt in some individuals, mainly those not used to being separated from their loved ones.

One of the outpatient programs in Texas that Stepping Stones Achievement Center, Inc. provides is respite care. Here are some valuable tips we can provide to help you prepare yourself and your loved one for respite care:

  • Plan and communicate your needs and expectations with the respite care provider.
  • Explain to your loved one what respite care is and why it is crucial for both of you, allowing them to feel the power of inclusivity.
  • Let your loved one know when you will be back and how you will keep in touch with them while you are away.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally for the separation.
  • Use this time to reflect on your caregiving role and appreciate the positive aspects of it.

Our non-profit organization in Houston, Texas,provides outpatient programs for people with intellectual disabilities to empower them to live fulfilling and independent lives in their communities.

Everyone deserves respect, dignity, and opportunity, regardless of their abilities or circumstances. If you want further inquiries on our day habilitation services, contact us through our local landline at 281-447-1969.


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